The Sticking Place

Six Weeks That Shook Morningside

Columbia College Today, Spring 1968

At 10 minutes past noon on Tuesday, April 23, 1968, an intense, lean six-foot junior in Columbia College, the historic all-male undergraduate school at Columbia University, began walking toward the Sundial, the unofficial University soapbox on College Walk, at the center of the campus. The student walked rather fast, with long strides, through the sunny spring air. His prominent jaw, the sandy waves of hair that spilled over the right side of his forehead, and his narrowed eyes, gave him a look of determined belligerency. Wearing blue jeans, boots, and an unironed shirt open at the neck, he seemed rather like an angry farmer headed for a brawl at the local saloon. Several voices murmered, “Here he comes now!”

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