The Sticking Place

Sooner or Later

We seem but to linger in manhood
to tell the dreams of our childhood,
and they vanish out of memory
ere we learn the language.

Henry David Thoreau


Archive footage/photographs Haskell Wexler
Music Adam Meggido
Titles and graphics David Barlia
Voiceover Colin Stinton
Camera Gavin Syevens
Additional Camera Neveshandeh Bozorg
Rostrum Camera Guy Beauchard
Sound Elsie Beckmann
Assistant Sound Franck Poupart
Stills Photographer Paul Hackett
Editor Franz Walsch
Assistant Editor Harold Horton
Assistant Director Harold Shand
Post-production Supervisor Jeannie Rapp
Assistant Post-Production Supervisor Port Moresby
Researcher Lawrence Seldon
Catering Borthwell Crant
Music Supervisor Cathy Rindhoops
Visual Effects Conrad Pursewarden
Production Co-ordinator Bruno Winter
On-line Editor/Colourist Will Hodgson
Sound Mixer Mussalles Selbstmachen
Grip Flaps McGuinness
Executive Producer Guillaume Meister
Producer Presley Parks
Director Paul Cronin

Sooner or Later

85 minutes, colour and black & white
HDV, archive 35mm and 16mm
© Sticking Place Films Ltd. 2007