The Sticking Place

Nothing is too much trouble for the busy man.
If you ever want anything done, always ask the busy man.
The others never have time.
Preston Sturges

Open-mindedness means retention of the childlike attitude;
closed-mindedness means premature intellectual old age.
John Dewey

I have been, for many years, part of various theatre companies,
any one of which in its healthy state nearly resembles
a perfect community than any other group I have encountered.
David Mamet

A furious work pace and good professional collaboration
can construct a fine corset against the onset of neuroses,
threatening breakdowns, and disintegration.
Ingmar Bergman

Saints should always be judged guilty until they are proved innocent.
George Orwell

The man of print culture is necessarily a self-educated man.
You can’t acquire book culture by oral means.
You have to struggle alone and in silence against
a distracting social environment which looks askance at your solitary quest.
Marshall McLuhan

The voyage will not teach you anything
if you do not accord it the right to destroy you.
Nicolas Bouvier

Sometimes it’s necessary to go a long distance out of the way
in order to come back a short distance correctly.
Edward Albee

I would prefer not to.

Every time I conduct the same piece
I think how stupid I was the last time I did it.
Arturo Toscanini

They’ve heard the call. Then, all of a sudden, they turn in their tools, and they’re gone.
Can’t wait another minute. They’ll quit at lunchtime, in the middle of the week.
They won’t even wait for their pay. Some other gang will collect their money and hold it
until a postcard comes back telling where to send it.
Joseph Mitchell