The Sticking Place

Werner Herzog

In A Guide for the Perplexed: Conversations with Paul Cronin (2014), German film director Werner Herzog talks of his life and work, weaving his philosophy around a discussion of every film has he made, from A Lost Western (1957) to From One Second to the Next (2013), and by doing so presents us with an instruction manual, with tools for living and tools for dreaming. A piece of the Filmmaker Trilogy.

Also contains: a foreword by Harmony Korine, a chapter focusing on Herzog’s Rogue Film School, a 32-page colour photo insert, translations of Herzog’s poems from 1978 and diaries from 1984, an essay by Herb Golder, an afterword by physicist Lawrence Krauss, a bibliography and filmography. The book is a re-written and expanded version of Herzog on Herzog (2002).